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2- Kooho Dasht Hiking  کوهُ دشت -   A Washington Metropolitan Hiking Group
Nature has always been inspiring; from the rising sun to sunset, at the sea or on a summit, in a desert or in a forest. To observe and celebrate nature in every season is fascinating. This could simply be accomplished just by being immersed in nature and having glimpses of waterfalls, whispering creeks or leaves, a sun’s reflection on the water and many more. Our group thoroughly enjoys nature for the same reason as we continue our hike every Sunday on different trails to stay closely connected to nature. Please join us for adventures in the outdoors, we always like to meet new faces!
3- WATEK: The Water Technology Engineers
At WATEK we strive to live out our mission and values statement. This statement is a reflection of what we do and is our published guidelines for executing each and every one of our projects. We are here today, after 18 years, due to the hard work and loyalty of our previous and current staff, the strong relationships with our clients, and our long-held belief that exceptional client service coupled with quality focused project solutions will result in long-term business relationships of mutual reward.
4- WebTec Services LLC
WebTec Services LLC is a website design, development, and interactive marketing agency focused on creating digital strategies and solutions. Since 2000 we have helped hundreds clients achieve success with their online marketing by delivering innovative web presences. The effectiveness of each of these digital properties is validated in our state of the art eye tracking and mobile device labs, each the only of its kind in Canada & US. Our customized solutions for clients ranging from mid-sized organizations to many corporations have spanned numerous industries including healthcare, financial services, food & beverage, technology, higher education, and non-profits. WTS in-house professionals comprised of designers, developers, information architects, producers, and usability specialists, work together to craft a strategy that is tailored to your business goals.
5- Print M
Graphic Design Brochures, Sell sheets, Web Pages, Advertising, Posters, Tradeshow Booths, Logos, and much more ​ Web Design: We provide all the proccess of registering your domain name, bulding, hostting, maintaining and marketing. When it comes to Marketing and maintainence, technical support and educating our clients and training staff to run your online business we are the best. . Masoud Javid manager
PACC - کارگاه هنر
Persian Arts & Cultural Communities
Here at Zen Powersports, we are locally owned and operated and provide products to make your outdoor living easier and more enjoyable. We offer experience, fair prices, and a friendly atmosphere. We’re big enough to cover the broad range of equipment needs you may have, yet small enough to greet you on a first-name basis. Our goal at Precision Powersports is to provide quality products and service at affordable prices.

Darab Shabahang

Darab Shabahang: Artist, Multimedia Designer, Journalist A has been an experienced & professional web designer, developer, graphic artist and freelance webmaster in Canada and the United States since 1996-Present. Since 2004 he worked as a journalist and graphic artist for Washington Iranian, Voice of America, Artpars, Anar Graphic and Symourgh news. He has continuously supported Iranian community organizations in Vancouver ( Canada) and Washington DC. For more information.

6- Symourgh News - سیمرغ رسانه فارسی زبان
سیمرغ به عنوان یک رسانه فارسی زبان در توریع اخبار و مطالب سیاسی ٫اجتماعی ٫ علمی و فرهنگی و نیز انعکاس رویدادهای محلی در محدوده منطقه متروپولیتن واشنگتن دی سی فعال بوده و به سهم خود در رشد آگاهی ایرانیان در ایران و ورای مرزهای ایران کوشیده است. سیمرغ موجودیتش را مدیون سالهای پرحادثه اخیر ایران ودر راستای اهداف برگزیده اش یعنی خبر رسانی و دفاع از حقوق بشر میداند. با اینکه سیمرغ در وقایع انتخابات ۲۰۰۹ ایران توسط جمهوری اسلامی فیلتر شد، اما استقبال از این نشریه همچنان ادامه داشته است سیمرغ رسانه ای غیر انتفاعی و مستقل خبری سیاسی ٫اجتماعی و فرهنگی ست و به هیچ گروه ، سازمان سیاسی و یا مرام خاصی وابسته نبوده و اهداف زیر را دنبال میکند کمک به رشد آگاهی سیاسی ٫اجتماعی ٫ علمی و فرهنگی ایرانیان حمایت از صلح ٫ آزادی بیان و حقوق بشردر ایران دفاع از جنبش های آزادیخواهی در ایران و جهان بویژه اقشار زحمتکش ایران برای نیل به آرادی و دموکراسی وجه تسمیه سیمرغ در داستان های حماسی ایران مرغی افسانه ای ست با قدرت جادوئی که بر فراز کوه البرز زندگی میکند. تمثیلی ست از مقوله وحدت در کثرت ، وجودی یگانه که درعین حال چندین وبسیارمعنی میدهد . در اینجاسیمرغ نمادی ست از جغرافیای ایران و سمبل آزادی ، دموکراسی و عدالت اجتماعی
7- Anar Graphic
ANAR Web & Graphic, we really care about our services we provide, and we’d like to share our most important services and products with you. Anar Graphic is providing reliable Graphic design solutions for the Web or Print projects of the highest quality. All packages and plans come with a highest uptime guarantee. Our focus is on reliability, uptime, and customer support.
8- Darab Shabahang
This is a portal for Darab Shabahang activity in Arts, Graphic, Journalism and music
9- Artpars
Artpars was established in 2001 Vancouver BC Canada. Artpars provided variety of art, design, Journalistic and web technology services and has been working as private and government contractor in Canada and US.

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